Monthly Updates

October 2020 Update Dear Scholars, Friends and Supporters – As I write this, students are returning to Oxford and Cambridge for the start of the new academic year, but it is, alas, to rather different college settings. The special all-round experience that Vicky Noon and the Trustees want to offer to the brightest among Pakistani scholars is one of sharing the full social, cultural, sporting, aspects of living in lively Oxbridge colleges, along with the academic and intellectual stimulus from fellow students and the dons. Covid-19 is currently on the increase in the UK, so despite ‘normalisation’ efforts, lectures will be online (for many this might even be a bonus?) and tutorials will be ‘blended’ maybe live maybe online, Still, much will be on offer and life should slowly return normal over the year. Meanwhile, we are actively continuing our survey of all past scholars, and we invite you to please be in touch if you have not already – numbers are creeping up. We are keen to hear how the award may have helped you, as it did Awais Bajwa (2006-2009, Lady Margaret Hall, Electrical Engineering) said: “I think the foundation is very close to my heart, not only because it helped get me to where I wanted to be and figure out things in life, but with my background, I have related and taken the ethos of the organisation together with myself both in my personal and professional life”. Come and join our emerging alumni network – and keep in touch with news trust via the website. With All Good Wishes Dr Paul Flather Chair, VNEF Fellow, Mansfield College, Oxford

September 2020 Update We are pleased to report that we have now reached just over one fifth of all past Noon Scholars as part of our outreach programme, leading up to our planned VNEF Alumni reunion which had set to mark 25 years after our first scholarship award, back  in 1994. However, now , with Covid, this is now deferred  to 2022 – and we will then be marking the 30th anniversary of the legal foundation of our trust ! We  are interested to note that almost half of those who have responded to our Survey have been back to Pakistan, and the vast majority including those abroad do plan to return to Pakistan to work and contribute – which of course was very much part of our founder, Vicky Noon’s original vision for the trust. We would love to hear from more past Noon Scholars, to find out their plans and to hook them up to our planned new alumni society so we can all help each other. More about that in the future.  So, please do help us to reach other scholars – you might know them and urge them to write to us as we do not have all the up-to-date emails and we are hitting stumbling blocks. Of course, we understand not everyone will want to be in touch. But we feel sure there are many more that would.  Meanwhile, we hope you are coping with all the new strains and stresses. 

August Update We are delighted to report that the Foundation will be supporting one new Noon Scholar at Oxford University and one new student at the University of Cambridge. We will also be supporting six continuing Noon Scholars studying at the two universities.  We are especially pleased because these awards are being made despite the fact that our trust – of course in line with all funds the world over – suffered a hugely significantly dip in our fund’s annual income due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The awards were made by the full  Board of Trustees as usual, even though this time trustees scattered across the world were meeting online – via Zoom. We now hope that all current Noon Scholars will be able to report for the start of term in October. Meanwhile, as ever we are busy reaching out to all past Noon Scholars to find out what has transpired since you graduated – and to connect you to other VNEF scholars. We would love to hear from you – and to hear your news !  

July update Our Noon Foundation web pages continue to undergo a revamps and I am very pleased that we are developing new new features, including a lively news section. Please have a look – and do send us possible news about university life in Pakistan. We would also like to hear from you if you have any news or items to share about our founder, Lady Vicky Noon, as we wish to build up more images and background about her.  We are also progressing with our survey to reach all our past Noon scholars to join a planned VNEF Noon Scholars association and to plan for our 2022 reunion – please do respond to our emails, or get in touch via this website and our FaceBook page. You can also enjoy our wonderful filmed reports of our highly successful 25th Anniversary Dinner at St Peter’s College, Oxford, last year – including talks from seven current and former Noon scholars talking about their experiences.