Condolences from the Noon Foundation Trustees

Manzoor NoonOn behalf of the Foundation, and of all the Trustees, Noon Scholars, and friends and supporters, we express our deepest sympathies and condolences to the Noon family for the passing of Manzoor Noon, the son of Sir Firoz Khan Noon, the former Prime Minister of Pakistan.


,,Manzoor was a wonderful, supportive, enormously generous colleague who was deeply committed to furthering the work of the Foundation.


We have welcomed his embodiment of the direct link to the Noon family – in whose name our work is carried out. But he was also a valuable and wise member of our Board, who took a keen personal interest in the Scholars we supported and in particular that they be chosen from as wide a social and geographic base as possible, and that they return to support the progress of Pakistan.


Mansoor represented all that was best in Pakistan. He was very much a gentleman in the full sense of the meeting. He operated in all his dealings with great kindness, generosity, integrity, and consideration for others. We do not believe there are so many like him about – which makes his passing all the sadder for us, and all those who knew him in Pakistan.


But, above all he has been a great personal friend to us all. All this was never more illustrated than in his wonderful hospitality and support for the visit and tour to Pakistan made by several trustees in 2006.


It was typical of him that he has made so little of the severe illness he has suffered over the past year and more.


All the Trustees are delighted though, that we were able to discuss with him the continuation of the family link to the Foundation, and that his daughter, Naila [Noon] Tiwana, will join us at our meeting this July in our continuing work on behalf of the foundation.”


Paul Flather; Rosemary Raza; Nicholas Barrington; Louise Johnson; Humayun Khan; Haroon Ahmed; & Ehsan Mani


Click here to read an obituary on the life of Manzoor Hayat Noon.


If you would like to send your own condolences to the Noon family, please send correspondences to:


via The Noon Educational Foundation
c/o Mansfield College, University of Oxford, Mansfield Road, Oxford, OX1 3TF
United Kingdom

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