Calling all Noon Scholars ! 

The trust wants to reach out to all past Noon Scholars as part of its 25 anniversary celebrations and plan our first ever reunion dinner and conference (details to follow). Please read this appeal here from the Chair and respond to our survey!

Paul Flather

Message from the Chair 

The Vicky Noon trust has been supporting some of the leading young scholars for more than 25 years to study at Oxford and Cambridge – among the best universities in the world – and to give them a special experience which will not only help them achieve the highest potential, but return to help in the continuing development of Pakistan. Listen to these achievement here. Read his personal message to all friends, supporters, scholars of our trust here

Dr. Paul Flather addressing the Foundation at the evening reception.

Survey of all Noon Scholars !

We have now reached more than one in three of our past 200 Noon Scholars through our outreach survey and we are very grateful for all the wonderful comments and feedback we have reached. The target remains to reach 50 per cent of past scholars and we need your help – all those students marked with an asterisk* on our Noon Scholar pages If you knomw any of these please help us to reach them. We will share interesting results over the coming months.  Please read this appeal here from the Chair and respond to our survey!

A new Noon Scholars Alumni society

The trustees are discussing plans to set up an alumni association of past scholars who could come together to support – and mentor – future young and scholars,  and come together to share experiences. Listen to a summary of our plans. Check our lists of those who have been in touch here and do contact us via  Linked In.

25th Anniversary 2019

Celebrating 25 years of Support

The Noon Foundation has lived up to the ideals of its founder Lady Vicky Noon hav ing supported  more 200 young scholars in study in all disciplines at Oxford and Cambridge. This milestone was celebrated at a special dinner in Oxford in 2019 in the presence of distinguished friends, supporters, scholars and trustees,  and the then Pakistan High Commissioner. You can be part of the event, enjoy the ambience, and listen to the speeches here videos.

Trustees News 

A recent article published by Ameena Saiyid in scroll.in 2 June 2020.

The story of English language publishing in Pakistan is also the story of one person, Ameena Saiyid A first person account of a publisher’s saga, ending with a new beginning out on hold by Covid-19.

25th Anniversary 2019

Trust News 

Welcome to our latest videos of 25th Anniversary held on 30th June 2019 at St Peter’s College Oxford.